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No matter how bad your day is, there is always someone waiting for you at the barn.

I wanted a horse. My husband did not want a horse. We compromised. I got 2 horses.

You can recognize multiple horse breed on sight. Still don’t know the names of neighbors…

Child:  I ran the numbers dad…we can afford a pony.

Horse:  Do ya like my human? I trained her myself.

Girls aren’t that complicated, how hard is it to tell us we are pretty and give us horses?

I don’t need a smartphone app to find invisible monsters, I have a horse.

When house hunting, some look at the kitchen. Me? I look at the barn.

Horse:  My farrier said no more treats, so I ate him.

The path to my heart is paved with hoof prints.

Tonight – we ride!




Officers and Committee Chairs 2018

Name Contact Info
Board Aaron Sybrant
2018-2019 Term 1  
Caitlyn Morelli
2017-2018 Term 1 (appointed)
Orrie Cole
2017-2018 Term 2
Carrie Frantzick
2017-2018 Term 1
JoAnn Falkers
Term 1
Alicia Overby
Term 1
Bruce Olson
Term 2
President Jerrie Anderson
Term 1
Past President Val Strub 
Vice President Jim Charpentier
Term 2
(651) 462-1900
Treasurer Randy Kamstra
Term 2 
Secretary Karen Cole 
Grounds Committee Bruce Olson
Events Committee

Barb Sabo

(651) 674-8706
Membership Committee Amanda Kamstra
Clubhouse Committee Tom Hoch
Communications Committee Karen Cole
Royalty Committee Caitlyn Morelli 
Volunteer Committee Kayla Sybrant
WSCA Delegates Steve Pittman

Meagan Pittman
(763) 486-6037
Facebook Melissa Williams
Shows Overall Jim Charpentier (651) 462-1900
Novice and Year End Points Kayla Sybrant 
Randy Kamstra 
Tim Wampfler 
Mary Hoch 
Youth Group Advisor Meagan Pittman/
Jill Olson 

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Northwest Saddle Club, Inc.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 405, Hugo, MN 55038
Show Grounds: 26950 Lyons Street, North Branch, MN 55056

 Last Updated: 12/13/2017